Majestic Shores Massage Therapy | Prenatal
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Pregnant woman massagin her growing belly

Massage therapy during pregnancy can be an excellent complement to traditional prenatal care. The female body sustains immense change over the course of a full term pregnancy, and massage specifically designed to address these physical challenges can both provide sizable relief and encourage improved health for both mother and baby.

Massage for pregnant women can specifically and beneficially address such symptoms as headaches and migraines, muscle tension and fatigue, leg cramps, swelling and adema, can stimulate serotonin and lymphatic release and decrease cortisol levels. And because no two pregnancies are alike, your therapist will skillfully address your needs and in conjunction with the phase of your pregnancy. Our neonatal massage therapists are licensed appropriately, ensuring a safe and supportive massage session for you both.

Please note you must be in your second or third trimester, and have consulted your obstetrician in order to schedule a prenatal massage.