Majestic Shores Massage Therapy | Deep Tissue
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Deep Tissue

Massage closeup

Deep Tissue Massage involves a specific combination of both stroke and pressure to relieve defined areas of pain in the body. By directly addressing the adhesions, or knots, caused by injury or chronic muscle tension, Deep Tissue Massage redirects and improves blood circulation which in turn relieves pain and general bodily stress. Better blood flow means lower inflammation and pain; breaking down those knots thus restores your natural movement. Repeated massage sessions can break up and even eliminate the presence of scar tissue.

Your therapist will use their hands, fingertips, elbows, knuckles or forearms to stimulate circulation through the muscle or area of need, making for a more intense massage experience. Post-care is just as important as the massage itself, so your therapist will be giving you specific instructions on hydration and next steps to ensure the highest level of healing and relief.