Majestic Shores Massage Therapy | Aromatherapy
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Candles, aromatherapy oil and hot stones used for spa treatments.

Essential oils have been used for therapeutic purposes by various culturesĀ for centuries; they’re no less effective or important today, maybe even more so. The modern approach is to complement more standard wellness treatments with Aromatherapy–theĀ topical application, massage, or inhalation of essential aromas to stimulate a desired response.
At Majestic Shores, we offer Aromatherapy both as a adjunct treatment to massage and on its own. Our careful and informed use of a wide range of essential oils can be part of your alternative treatment for infections, stress, and other health problems, while also helping to relax your mind, body, and soul.

We’re very proud to offer Young Living Essential Oils in all Aromatherapy and Raindrop treatments, with oils specifically chosen for their unique characteristics and benefits. From cinnamon bark to eucalyptus, myrrh to juniper, we’ll find and incorporate the right oil for the exactly right treatment for you.